Champagne Shower

Champagne Shower

Covered in Champagne !

A few weeks ago we had the please of going to another wedding. I used to love weddings, drinking, dancing and being a fool now they are a subtle reminder of my drunken past. I have learned so ways to cope and can usually enjoy myself, for awhile anyway. 

Well this wedding decided to throw another curve ball at me just to see how I would handle it. As we are sitting down to dinner it was time to open the champagne, little did we know the bottles had been sitting in the hot sun for a few hours. As Laura removed the cork we had a champagne an explosion occurred giving me a champagne shower. I could taste and smell the alcohol like I have not been able to in years, setting off a flurry of emotions, thoughts and feels that I had not had in a long time. All I wanted to do wanted to do way grab a glass and throw away 3 years of sobriety. For a few minutes that’s all I could think about, drinking, being drunk and not caring about my recent shower.

I am still not sure what broke my concentration on getting drunk and snapped me back to reality but once my head was back on right I was able to remember why drinking is suck a terrible idea for me and carry on with the rest of the night worry free. 

So no matter what happens it’s ok to have momentary thoughts and feeling you know you shouldn’t, it’s what you do with thoughts and feelings that matter. I had all the excuses I personally needed to drink that night and I was able to over come by sitting with my thoughts and working though things before I did something I regretted.

Much Love,