Sick and Tired

Recovery, what is it? It is hard for people who have never had an addiction problem to understand how the brain of an addict works. We continue to make poor decisions for reasons that are beyond comprehension. To the outside world it looks like we are jumping out of an airplane with a defective parachute over and over again knowing eventually the chute will fail and we will no longer have a graceful fall but we don't care. At some point the lucky one's get sick and tired and decide to make a change get sober and make an impact on other people's lives. I get to be one of them and I use every opportunity I have to make an impact on the people around me. One email, one smile or one hello can change someone in ways you would never expect. 

Below is the text from the NA book that I read today. It has always amazed me how the NA/AA passages apply to everyday life and can be helpful to everyone just not those in recovery.   

Something's not working. In fact, something's been wrong for a long time, causing us pain and complicating our lives. The problem is that, at any given moment, it always appears easier to continuing bearing the pain of our defects than to submit to the total upheaval involved in changing the way we live. We may long to be free of pain, but only rarely are we willing to do what's truly necessary to remove the source of pain from our lives.

Much Love,