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Awesome Leggings

I'm a guy who loves wearing leggings and I thoroughly enjoy these leggins, They are super soft and comfortable. I normally wear an extra large and I bought them in this size. Next time I am going to go down a size as these were just a little too big on me. I will be buying more int he future from this company and I highly recommend them for purchase.

Takes too long to get delivered

A treat to wear!

I have them on right now, as I've been working out INSIDE today- it's 104 outside and "cooling off" in the evenings to 85...I love the fit and comfort the provide. This is my second pair of Soft & Rugged tights and I may be back for another pair (expand the color collection!) Thanks for these quality tights!!👍👍

Well constructed, good material.

Like the look and feel. Snitching is well done and material is soft. Wick moisture well. They are a bit short, but I’m also 6’ 2”. Recommend them.

Great leggings

I originally obtained these as a large, I reordered a medium. I like both pairs, the large is more roomy, but still comfortable and the mediums are a tighter fit. I like them.

Great fit

I bought my first pair in medium, a bit baggy. Second pair in a small perfect. I am 5' 10" 160 lbs.
The material is very soft and luxurious. Highly recommend this line of men's tights.

Green Black Plaid Aspen Sports Bra

Good quality, great design.

The material and construction of the legging is great. Wicks away moisture very well and pattern is very vibrant. 4 out of 5 as I would recommend an extra layer of material at the crotch (offering a bit more modesty) and length is a bit short. Then again, I’m 6’ 2” and built with some long legs.


The look,fit,and the comfort are more than I expected. I got a size large and it wears like a kid glove made just for me. I spent the evening working in the garden wearing these and they feel marvelous- another order will be on the way.

Most comfortable leggings

I'll admit.... I'm not a legging conesseur. I do have a few handfuls of them though and I never wear them because they cut off my waist creating a huge muffin top. But these? These are the most soft and most comfortable leggings I've ever worn AND I'm guessing the 4 way stretch tech helps keep the muffin top in check. I like the fact I can pull them up high enough to create a bulgeless silhouette. Hey even guys are self conscious about their bodies, that's why most won't wear leggings. But these are where they should start.

Aaaaaand..... id upload a pic or 2 but the website won't let me for some reason.

Great look, perfect fit

I love these leggings. They look so cool, and they fit perfectly. I never have to adjust them during a workout.

Fun Leggings

Wife loves these leggings, and is a great way to promote sea life exploration when teaching her students.

Comfort and quality

Great, comfortable activewear for crosstfit. Material breaths well and doesn't snag during workouts.

Some of the Best!

Comfortable as all get out, leg length and waist rise is perfect. I'm 5-10 / 5-11 and about 205, the mediums fit PERFECTLY! Need more!

Love the colors but...

Matching pants are not squat proof. They are definitely see through. Unfortunately, for this reason I can not show these off at the gym now.

I like them...but

The design is very cool, the fit is good, the pocket is perfect to carry my Iphone 11 Pro Max, feels like it should fit the 12 Pro Max also. I am not a fan of the 3/4 length though. I don't feel it is flattering to the male physique and look and don't like the feeling of the leg openings high up on the calf. If the pocket leggings could be made in full length, I would give it 5 stars. I feel like $75 is a bit of a steep price to pay for leggings.

Very impressed with the pocket leggings

I've been running consistently for the past 15+ years and doing serious winter running with leggings for the past 10+. At first, it was very challenging to find leggings for men with pockets. Then, I was disappointed at some brands that have only solid colors or where the pockets are. I was pleased to get the dragon pocket leggings. I absolutely love the design. The pockets at the front sides are great for stability of and easy access to the phone I carry. The material is soft and comfortable, and, as someone who has brought my weight down by more than 20 pounds in the past year, I am very happy with the sizing. I plan to buy more as I like Soft & Rugged's other designs.

Dragon Leggings with Pockets

And, I never thought a small would be the right size (I'm 6'1"), but at only 148-ish pounds, there isn't much to hold them up if I were to get bigger. Nice fit. Soft material. The design rocks. And I love the pocket placement (and size)!

Picked the wrong size

When they say that these run large believe it. I'm 5'7" and about 238 lbs I got the medium and their baggie behind the knees. Next time I'll get a small. Colors are bright and vivid and the material is butter soft.

Enjoying Soft and Rugged

Product arrived expeditiously. Sizing was a bit of wild card for me, as I could fit in a medium or a small. I ended up getting the latter, which stretched to my body type. I did the Hanumanasana Pose today, and I can say with confidence that the seams withstood abuse. Second order pending. thank you

Good quality.

The color is perfect. Workmanship, fit and finish is above average quality. I would recommend that it would be an additional advantage to offer your men's leggings in a high waisted version as well.


great design and color, sizes run bigger on this model so returning to get smaller,

"Should Would Could Did" Tee
Really a nice product

Really a nice product

Didn’t fit

Didn’t fit but can’t send them back cause I don’t have the original packaging or receipt.

We will be updating our store policies to allow returns without the original packaging and allow the return process to be complete without receipts as long as the return request comes from the email address that placed the order and the customer has the order number.

Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention.
Soft & Rugged

Blue Camo Leggings for Men
Sylvan R.
Pleasantly Surprised 32” Inseam Fits When I Usually Need 34-36” Inseam

I had seen these leggings for men multiple times, (along with ads from other companies). I was constantly disappointed that nobody had leggings with a 34 or 36” inseam. Each time that one of these ads would land on my wall, I would complain that the company was missing a lot of sales to taller men. Soft & Rugged was the only company that responded & pointed out that the model in the ads was actually 6’2” or something like that. I thought he must have short legs or something but then someone from Soft & Rugged pointed out that the leggings “stretched” & promised I would get my money back if they were too short & they would pay for shipping the return. I decided to take a leap of faith & ordered the light blue camo design. I was shocked when they arrived & they fit perfectly! They were definitely long enough & the material they are made from feels so good against your skin. I had to look through my closet to try to find a shirt to wear with them & thought it would be perfect if they made a matching tank top. Sadly, they don’t at this point but it sounded like they might in the future. Love them!